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Wizardly Wisdom

Dec 31, 2017

Join me and the guys from the Libertarian Union to bring in the New Year. We talk about why we do our shows to problems in the libertarian movements and other stuff besides. Don't miss any great libertarian content. Join the Union today at:

Sep 26, 2017

Join me and Nicholas Sarwark for an interesting conversation about how he got involved in the liberty movement, some top issues in the LP today, messaging, and more besides.  Nick explains why he thinks that it is important for the Libertarian Party to weigh in on issues that aren't necessarily central to libertarian...

Sep 24, 2017

Join me and Nicholas Veser for a great conversation about how he got into the movement and why he decided to start making the great Daily Headline videos we see on the Facebook.  We also get into libertarian branding and how to get people into the movement.  Don't miss this great episode.

Find Nicholas:

Sep 22, 2017

Join me, Tony Rockamora, and Drake Lundstrom for a fun and interesting look at Libertarian Stances.  We all know the memes now hear what some hardcore libertarian anarchists have to say about various "stance" questions.  

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Find Tony at:

Sep 5, 2017

Dr. Michael Edelstein joins me for a nice talk about the psychology behind libertarian burnout.  He gives sound advice on taking control of your emotions by limiting "absolutist thinking."  Don't miss this great episode or his website:

You can find me at: